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Going Mobile: Boost Your Business with Seamless Sites

Posted by on January 21st, 2016.

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We’re well into the mobile age and these days the most prolific internet users are smartphone owners. In 2016, 80% of internet users own a smartphone whilst sales of personal computers declined by a massive 8.3% in the fourth-quarter of 2015.

We can see a key example of how sales of mobile phones have increased in recent years by looking at just one model; Apple’s iPhone. Apple sells approximately 378,000 units per day; beating the average number of babies born each day by 7,000. Another example that you may find interesting is the number of Android phones sold every day would reach the height of 327 Empire State buildings when stacked.

But with more people than ever before relying on their mobiles for surfing the internet, the importance of having a responsive site cannot be overstated. If your business wants to reach the widest possible audience it needs to provide its existing and prospective customers with a platform they can access and navigate easily.

83% Of People Expect a Cross Device Experience

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So why is this important? In a recent survey, 83% of mobile users stated that a seamless experience across all devices is very important to them. If you think you have that covered by having just one website for all devices, you could find you lose a lot of business in 2016.

I’m sure you will have noticed that over the past few years, popular businesses and services have created mobile-friendly versions of their websites. This has been both a cause and effect of the increasing use of mobile internet, especially with new technologies making on-the-go browsing quick and efficient. If your business doesn’t use a mobile-friendly website in addition to its main site in 2016, you may find that you aren’t taken as seriously as other companies in your sector with more developed technology. But it’s not just the big brands that are taking advantage of the mobile market – a recent survey indicated that 68% of companies have integrated mobile marketing into their business strategy.

Don’t Alienate Half Your Audience

With social media, online review sites and video causing the new internet consumer to be extremely wary of making purchases without extensive knowledge of the product, your website is one of the first ways users decide whether to use your business. The most recent figures have shown that 57% of users say that they would not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. Those who don’t even offer a mobile friendly site, therefore, are conducting business with a serious handicap.

Apps Attract the Mobile Generation

business mobile app

In today’s world, however, having a functional and visually appealing mobile website may not be enough. Apps now account for 89% of mobile media usage, with users spending an average of 1.8 hours on their smartphones every day. Getting an app right could completely transform your business. Now users go directly to you rather than finding you in a search engine and you can take advantage of in-app advertising, seeing an uptick in revenue if your app is particularly popular.

Whatever your business, you will likely be able to create an app that will boost profitability in the long-term. Apps have proved to be far more than a fad, so making the investment now may be crucial for future-proofing your business. And when I say any business can enjoy success through an app, I mean any business. A reputable car insurer has recently released an application that pits family members against one another to see who the safest driver is. This simple idea has proven enormously popular. Having an app relating to that particular insurer already on your phone makes it far more likely you will use that insurer when renewing your car insurance. It also negates the need to visit the website, which reduces the chances of consumers using comparison websites and finding a better deal.


Mobile sites and apps are no longer the future, they are the now, so if you want your business to remain competitive in the modern world, don’t get left behind.

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