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6 Apps Which Can Help your Business Work Remotely – Part Two

Posted by on November 23rd, 2015.

Location, time and culture can all be barriers when working with a global team. Being spread out across the world has its advantages, but there are also obstacles you have to navigate. With the right equipment and tools, you’ll be able to work at your best, regardless of where you are all located.

Here are another 3 great tools, including apps and software programs, to round off our look at making remote working easier, more efficient, or just plain fun.


Duet is a self-hosted management tool which allows you to perform a range of tasks including keeping track of your team, delegating tasks and tracking your invoices.

You can create tasks and assign them to particular team members, setting deadlines, attaching files and commenting to provide extra details or answer questions. Tasks are colour coded depending upon how soon they are due, so you will know at a glance which ones are the most important. There’s an integrated task timer so you can track your productivity and keep track of billable hours.

Use the drop-and-drag invoice builder to quickly create and send invoices. Duet also tracks the outstanding invoices and automatically emails you when a client has made a payment.

Unlike other productivity apps, you buy the Duet software and then install it on your self-hosted domain. This means all your important data and information is stored on your own site, keeping it safe and easy to reach.


Touching base and understanding the needs of your remote team has never been easier with 15Five. It allows you to ask a series of questions on a recurring basis to help you gauge morale, highlight issues, or simply get ideas on how to work better. You can target questions to the whole team, a specific group, or an individual.

You could use 15Five to help you identify key challenges your team are facing, suggestions regarding ways of improving workflow, or to keep yourself updated on a recurring project. One of the challenges that managers of global teams face is ensuring that all team members feel listened to and valued. 15Five gives you a quick and easy way of listening to your team which has the effect of building their loyalty and morale.


There are many apps out there that help you track productivity across your team and iDoneThis offers one of the simplest solutions: ask them what they’ve done. At the end of every day, iDoneThis sends out an email to everyone asking what they have achieved and collates everyone’s responses into a mailer which is sent out the next morning. Starting the day by hearing the good news regarding what everyone on the team has been up to is a great boost to morale.

As a manager, iDoneThis helps you to keep track of everyone’s workload to ensure tasks are being completed on time, as well as making you aware of any notable performance or achievements.

Work Without Boundaries

Global teamwork relies upon the internet, so why not make the most of it? The tools listed here help you to perform tasks as if you were all in the same building, solving problems and working more efficiently.

On top of that, they make collaborative working fun.

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