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How Can Technology Transform Travel?

Posted by on January 7th, 2016.


Whether you’re planning a holiday or travelling for work, technology can make life easier. Whilst travel and tech is by no means a new partnership, there have been a number of developments in recent years which may not be on your radar yet. Here are some examples of a few handy tech advancements which help eliminate some of the stresses of travel.


It’s likely that many of you have tied ribbons to your luggage to identify your case quickly on an airport conveyer…but what if your case doesn’t appear? What if your ribbon array is so similar to another’s that they have picked up your luggage? AirBolt, a start-up company funded by IndieGogo, has solved this issue.

With AirBolt you can track your luggage using a smartphone app. Gone are the days of queuing for airport services only to find that they can’t locate your case. With AirBolt, not only will you know exactly where your case is located, but you’ll also have the option to wirelessly lock or unlock it. Although relatively unassuming, this lock packs many features. One such feature is an alarm if your luggage is out of range. This is very useful if, like me, you’re someone who’s prone to leaving your hand luggage in unusual places.

This is very new technology which hasn’t arrived on the markets yet, but if you are interested in the AirBolt you can pre-order from the IndieGogo campaign. For $70 (AUD) you will receive your AirBolt at some point in August 2016.

RamMore X

It’s difficult to remember the dark times before the existence of smartphones and increased usage means that filling their digital storage capacity is quickly and easily done. With smartphone cameras becoming more and more advanced, taking travel snaps with your phone rather than a camera is now the norm. This is all well and good, but have you ever found that you have to delete old photos to accommodate the new snaps?  As well as running out of storage your increased usage of the phone may be draining the battery quicker than you would like. Fortunately, RamMore X has the solution to these issues.

We have all seen portable power solutions, and some of us have used portable storage devices, but never the twain have met…until now. RamMore X not only boasts physical storage alongside portable power but has enough capacity to enable file sharing that would be impossible using phone technology alone.

RamMore X is currently on Kickstarter and will be available in April 2016 for around $99 (USD).


Whilst phone camera technology has advanced exponentially over the past few years, many still prefer a separate camera for capturing those all important holiday snaps and videos. In recent years the GoPro camera has dominated the market, but a new alternative is hitting stores soon and for such a tiny piece of equipment it packs an almighty punch.

At just 55 grams and 85.0mm x 29.5 mm x 21.3 mm, this 1080p professional camera is one of the smallest of its kind. Although tiny, the website states that the battery will last for 2 hours of continuous 1080p 30 fps video. This little gem also includes some impressive features such as: image and video HDR, image and video stabilisation, auto rotation, white balance and exposure value scale to name but a few. What’s more, the YoCam is waterproof up to 20 feet and dustproof guaranteed. This feature may be the biggest reason to depart from using your phone camera!

If you pre-order the YoCam on Kickstarter you’ll be given a Bluetooth remote, but the standard edition comes with clip, pendant cord and micro USB to USB cable. The YoCam will be shipped in March 2016 and costs around $149 (USD).

2016 looks like a good year for travel tech, so keep an eye on Kickstarter Campaigns and happy travelling!

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