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Our Latest Sponsored Charity – British Red Cross

Posted by on February 23rd, 2023.

TorFX USA Celebration Day buffet with selection of American foods. TorFX Logo and the British Red Cross DEC ember appeal logo.
Every month, our company raises money for a chosen charity, aiming to promote awareness about a variety of organisations and causes across the globe.
Our latest charity is the British Red Cross, who are doing heroic work in supporting people affected by the horrific earthquakes in Syria and Turkey.

To raise money for the Red Cross DEC Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal, we held a USA cultural celebration day. The idea of these days is to celebrate the culture of a country as we make our way around the globe spotlighting different cultures each month.

The day’s celebrations consisted of a potluck lunch, where employees donated food to sell to colleagues. On the menu was a variety of authentic American dishes, from Boston clam chowder and Texan chilli to the classic cherry and pumpkin pies.

This was then followed by a quiz based on American culture spanning topics from film & TV to US history. The team ‘I’ve got 99 problems and this quiz is one’ took home the title and won themselves a Domino’s lunch.

Here at TorFX, we used to hold dress down Fridays as a charitable event, which sadly had to be put on hold during Covid. We began these monthly cultural celebration days to replace this, and kickstart our charity work once again.

We managed to raise £204.48p, which will be donated in full to the British Red Cross in support of their heroic work. The British Red Cross have over 500 staff and volunteers on the scene supporting search and rescue efforts with basic relief items.

They have also established five mobile kitchens, and deployed a further 71 catering trucks to help the searchers. The money we raised will go directly to aiding this heroic relief effort, and support people in Turkey and Syria who have lost loved ones.

If you would like to support the British Red Cross for yourself and further support their efforts, check out their website.

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