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Our Customer Stories – Mr and Mrs Müller

Posted by on April 26th, 2019.

Mrs Mueller looking forward to the next grape season

At TorFX we’ve always put our focus on the people behind the currency transfers, and getting to know our customers is a huge part of what we do.

But what do they think of the service we offer? And why would they recommend us?

To find out we talked to a couple we’ve been working with for several years…

Mr and Mrs Müller

Mr and Mrs Müller started looking for a currency transfer provider back in 2016 when they were planning their retirement to Germany.

Having only ever purchased holiday money in the past, Mr and Mrs Müller weren’t sure how to manage larger currency transfers.

Why did you decide to use TorFX?

“A very kind bank manager pointed out that we could get much better rates from a specialist company than a high street bank. The reason being that currency exchange is only a part of a bank’s business, whereas currency exchange companies are fully focussed on this activity.

We then found an excellent online article in the Telegraph, which explained what to look out for in order to safeguard one’s funds (i.e. to choose a company that is authorised by the FCA) and which also listed a number of reputable companies. We then tried a couple of companies for small transfer amounts before deciding on TorFX.”

When it came to deciding which provider to use, did customer service make a difference?

“Yes, we were particularly impressed by the clear and patient explanations that our Account Manager Hazel Tompkins provided initially, including the different ways of setting a target exchange rate, and how to avoid bank charges at the other end.”

Would you recommend TorFX?

“Yes, definitely without any hesitation. TorFX operate a very clear and efficient transfer mechanism. Every step is documented and confirmed by emails.

All transfers have happened very smoothly and were tailored to our circumstances without a fuss. Hazel’s friendly and supportive voice was only a phone call away.”


If you have a currency transfer to plan and you’d like to find out more about the services we offer, please get in touch +44 (0) 1736 335 250.

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