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Five of the World’s Most Exciting Cities

Posted by on August 16th, 2017.

New York city

If you’re considering a move overseas and like the idea of setting up home in a bustling city with plenty to do, check out our exploration of five of the most exciting cities the world has to offer.

Vienna, Austria

Often nicknamed both the ‘City of Music’ and the ‘City of Dreams’, Vienna is Austria’s capital as well as its largest city. Including the metropolitan area, Vienna’s population is over 2.5 million and houses almost a third of Austria’s population.

Vienna is famous for its quality of life and is regularly ranked among the top (often #1) most liveable cities on Earth. Unsurprisingly, this ‘City of Music’ is rich in musical history, sights and performances as well as the theatre and other arts. Vienna, in general, is steeped in European history, making it a great destination for those who love the arts and love the idea of a high quality, peaceful life. It’s so peaceful in fact, that the crime rate in the city is very low.

Vienna is also a great city for wine lovers, with over 1,500 acres of vineyards within the city itself.

However, while Vienna is overflowing with charm, liveability and history, it lacks somewhat in diversity and unpredictability. Vienna’s nightlife isn’t as explosive as some cities and it’s not the most multicultural place.

New York City, New York, USA

New York’s self-titled capital city is famous the world over. It’s the most highly populated city in the powerhouse that is the USA (with a population of over 8 million) so it’s unsurprisingly one of the biggest multi-cultural hubs on Earth. Over 800 languages are spoken significantly in NYC, making it the city with the biggest language diversity too.

New York City is a global trendsetter when it comes to entertainment, fashion and technology, so it’s a bustling hub of commerce and activity. It’s one of the world’s premiere cultural melting pots, with food, shopping and cultural experiences from around the world.

NYC is also politically significant, being the home of the United Nations’ HQ.

Compared to somewhere like Vienna, New York City isn’t exactly peaceful. While it scores well in terms of quality of life, the city can be turbulent and full of surprises. Many people have called it the single most exciting city on Earth, with a thriving night-life that resulted in New York earning the nickname of ‘The City That Never Sleeps’.

Expats seeking new night-life experiences should definitely consider New York City – but be warned, in this city the high life doesn’t come cheap!

Berlin, Germany

Speaking of cheap; Germany’s capital city may surprise you with how affordable it is. Despite Berlin having a big population of around 3.7mil and being among the most populace urban areas in the EU, the city is considerably more affordable than many of the world’s other most well-known cities.

Being one of the European Union’s biggest and most influential cities, Berlin is a cultural hub and is considered a world city with an economy focused on technology, creative industries and services.

The city has only seen a bigger burst of activity since the German reunification in 1990, when East and West Berlin merged.

Compared to the arty Vienna and the busy New York City, Berlin could be seen as a more affordable, ‘best of both worlds’ city.

The German capital has a significant cultural history of philosophers and artists, with modern Berlin still known for creative arts industries including film, fashion and music.

But not only is Berlin big on the arts, it also has a bustling nightlife, with cheap beer and a wide variety of underground venues and clubs.

Modern Berlin has become increasingly popular with young people due to its variety of jobs, affordable living and wide variety of activities.

Things in the city are certain to be constantly changing, making Berlin one of the most obvious choices for a fun location on the cutting edge of modernity.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne One

Melbourne regularly beats out Australia’s capital, Canberra, and Sydney in terms of being one of the world’s most fun and liveable cities. Over 70% of residents (both local and expat) polled have rated the city highly for work-life balance and general enjoyment of life.

In fact, according to Time Out’s Global City Index survey from 2016, Melbourne won the highest score for ‘inspiration’ by far out of all polled cities. According to the survey, over 73% of Melbournians love it there, with over half of the respondents strongly agreeing that it’s an ‘energising, inspiring place to live’.

So what about Melbourne has people so excited? Australia’s ‘Garden City’ (also called the ‘Cultural Capital of Australia’) always seems to offer something new and exciting. The city is well known for its wealth of leisure activities and strong work-life balance.

Melbourne has a long list of festivals the year-round, and friendly locals who encourage people to always explore new parts of the city rather than fall into any doldrums of schedule.

Citizens of Melbourne also believe that it’s easy to find great food and drink no matter where in the city you are. Unsurprisingly, it’s one of the most multi-cultural and vibrant cities in Australia.

So what’s the catch to the eternally-exciting Melbourne? Well, Melbourne was once known for being affordable but the city has certainly become much pricier in recent years!

Madrid, Spain

Rounding off our list is the eternally popular city of Madrid. Spain’s capital city is the next biggest city in the EU after Berlin and, like its German counterpart, it is considered a world city. Madrid has global influence in areas like entertainment, environment, politics and culture.

Like Berlin, Madrid is relatively affordable compared to the other cities on this list. However, it contrasts with Berlin by having preserved a more classic and historic vibe and look, despite being a modern city overall.

Madrid is an arty city filled with galleries and wonderful views, so there’s plenty to entertain the culture seeker.

One of the most common praises you’ll hear sung about Madrid is how easy it is for newcomers to settle in and make new friends. The affordability factor certainly helps here.

The area is also regularly given high points for quality of life, with the relaxed atmosphere of the city meaning people rarely work overtime and have more time for relaxation activities like sightseeing, drinking and dancing.

The night life is nothing to turn your nose up at either, with plenty of arts performances, bars and parties to attend until the early hours

Whether your idea of fun is chilling out in a sunny city of art or ploughing into new experiences every other day, all of the cities mentioned above have something unique to offer. If you know a city you think should be included in the list let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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