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Our Latest Sponsored Charity: The Wave Project

Posted by on August 30th, 2019.

Every month staff here at TorFX raise money for a different charity, be it local or national, in order to both support and promote awareness of a wide variety of important causes.

This month our staff chose to support The Wave Project, a charity founded in Cornwall (home of our head office) which piloted the world’s first ‘surf therapy’ course.

Taking advantage of the therapeutic nature of the ocean, surf therapy aims to improve both the physical and mental well-being of its participants through the medium of surfing.

By encouraging young people to try something new and challenging within a positive and supportive environment The Wave Project works to improve their wellbeing across a range of measures.

Participants in the project have reported an increase in confidence and positivity as well as stronger social bonds, leading the NHS to support the programme as a means of treating mental health issues.

Starting from one surfing lesson on a Cornish beach back in September 2010, The Wave Project has since expanded to a range of locations around the UK, including hubs in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The project boasts over 900 trained volunteer surf mentors based around the UK, some of who experienced the programme first-hand when they needed support themselves

The Wave Project’s award-winning surf therapy courses are free for participants and their families, funded through donations and purchases in its online shop.

Over the course of the month our staff were able to raise £255 through a sponsored weekly dress down, avoiding the lingering summer heat in our t-shirts and shorts.

If you want to support The Wave Project yourself and help bring surf therapy to more young people around the country then consider joining their Membership Programme, which starts at just £3 a month.

In order to stay fully up to date with the work of The Wave Project and its future expansion then be sure to follow their Twitter and Facebook accounts.


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